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Elements of Success offers a unique, practical and positive foundation for developing a set of life skills which gives students a clear understanding of their own strengths, motivations and communication style, an opportunity to discover their own passion and purpose and create a clear vision for the future based on the premise that ‘self-understanding is the key to success’. It will provide invaluable support in making informed choices about career, relationships and future life choices.

The programme is suitable for students of all abilities from those who are high achievers through to those who have been excluded from main stream education and inspires and equips them for lives of purpose, confidence and achievement.
The sessions can stand alone or work well with other established programmes.

The positive outcomes include:
understanding and identifying the different personality types
• identify their own unique strengths, gifts and talents
• understand the effects of the influences on their lives so far
• appreciate the value of diverse teams
• appreciating your own personal communication style, motivations and impact
• understanding different behaviours and emotions
• dealing with conflict in an effective and non-confrontational way
• helpful strategies to better connect with others (colleagues, family and socially)
• improved individual and team communication skills
• appreciating the importance of different motivations to produce a balanced team
• creating a personal mission and vision
• creating a team mission and vision

Benefits of the programme:
• Each module introduces a key concept that is supported by objectives, discussion materials and activities.
• Diversity is on the agenda as far as ethnicity, gender, age and religion are concerned with emphasis on a person’s identity. However differences in personality receive less consideration, yet this has a profound impact on each person both in work, personal and social relationships and determines how well any team will function.
• The pressure on students today is high and there is often little opportunity to explore the basic building blocks of who they are, where they are going and how they can get there. With a strong focus on academic qualifications students also need the skills to enable them to communicate well with others and make their career choices based on a clear understanding of themselves.

"We were intrigued by ‘Elements of Success’ and invited Ruth to present her programme to our business studies group. After going through the material, our students, who are not easily impressed it has to be said, suggested that the whole of the sixth form, and indeed the whole school, would benefit. As a result, we have already extended the programme to the sixth form over the next few months. The benefits I saw were that by the end of the session, each student had a new clarity on their own personality and style, a clear understanding of the importance of teams as well as a personal mission statement- all vital in business, especially for those who plan to become entrepreneurs.”

Kathy McKay, Head of Business and Enterprise, Birkdale School, Sheffield

‘Ruth Adams from In Your Element, came into school one day each week for a year as part of the Inspiring Communities Project, working with small groups of students from the gifted and talented to those with specific challenges. The feedback from the students was 100% positive with most requesting more and longer sessions with Ruth. The aspirations of all students were raised as they learnt more about their individual strengths, created a personal mission statement (this was powerful and inspiring to see) and then created an exciting vision for their futures. Students with anger issues learnt helpful strategies to manage their rage while those who were unable to engage in the classroom found a place where they could excel as they considered their particular gifts and talents and how best to use them in the future. I would wholeheartedly recommend IYE and their excellent, professional and highly successful programmes"

Clare Glaves, Assistant Principal, John Whitgift Academy, Grimsby


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