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In Your Element has a range of flexible and unique training sessions and each of them are adapted to the specific needs of any team or individual. So whether it’s issues in the boardroom for business leaders or the staffroom for teachers; social workers who want to understand themselves and their service users better; groups within any workplace or members of a family needing a greater level of insight into their strengths and differences, we can help.

Unlocking Personal and Team Understanding / Potential / Success

‘In Your Element’s interactive and fun training sessions in businesses, organisations, schools and charities in the UK and internationally transforms the performance, productivity and potential of individuals and teams by looking at three areas – Personality, Purpose and Passion .
Diversity is rightly, one of our society’s current concerns. Millions of pounds are poured into training professionals in issues of age, gender, race and religion in an attempt to make us all more tolerant and less judgemental of each other. Yet it seems that with all the talk of diversity, one of the most important areas is overlooked, differences in personality, motivations, strengths and communication styles and this is one of the areas we address at IYE.

A typical session / day includes elements from the following list and is always tailor made to the needs of each particular team or group and will give the following outcomes:
• understanding and identifying the different personality types
• appreciating your own personal communication style, motivations and impact
• understanding different behaviours and emotions
• dealing with conflict in an effective and non-confrontational way
• helpful strategies to better connect with others (colleagues, family and socially)
• improved individual and team communication skills
• appreciating the importance of different motivations to produce a balanced team
• creating a personal mission and vision
• creating a team mission and vision

The late Jim Rohn said:

'Work hard on your job but work harder on yourself’

a powerful statement which makes good sense when we appreciate that relationships can make the difference between personal success and failure, make or break a team and win or lose business.
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Sugar on the Mattress – Living and Working Vulnerable Children & Young People

‘Children are not slates from which the past can be rubbed by a duster or sponge, but humans profoundly affected by what has gone before.’ John Bowlby

• What effects a child’s early experiences have on their ability to learn and ‘succeed’ in life?
• Why some children struggle in school and fail to even begin to tap into their potential?
• Why some children’s behaviours appear to be ‘out of control’?
• How can professionals, carers and others help to make a difference?

This inspiring and practical workshop will give a greater understanding, confidence and skills in working with vulnerable children and students. There will be fresh new insights based on the latest research on brain development and trauma as well as practical strategies which can be immediately implemented.
‘Ruth offers a fascinating insight into all aspects of child development from birth to adolescence. Absolutely everyone who has anything to do with children would benefit from her expertise and warm, engaging and motivating style - parents, child carers, youth workers, teachers, counsellors and other professionals. New insights, fresh strategies, increased understanding and so much more. I thoroughly and warmly recommend Ruth’s invaluable training to you and your team’. Faye Smith (Keep Your Fork)

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